Sara Cable is the executive overseeing Security Concepts in RoboCop: Prime Directives.

Sara began her career with Omni Consumer Products by joining their Junior Executives Program while her husband John T. Cable served as Alex Murphy's partner. Shortly after she joined OCP she discovered that she was pregnant with her and John's first child; however, not wanting to disrupt her career with OCP, she had an abortion. This put great strain on her marriage to Cable and eventually resulted in her divorce.

Cable was fast-tracked into Security Concepts where she worked as part of the RoboCop Program, which would find its first candidate in her husband's former partner Murphy. After the death of both Murphy and his wife Ellen Murphy, Cable would ensure that James Murphy was placed into the OCP run foster home and that he was given the opportunity to become part of OCP in the future. She was a principle member of The Trust, a collection of OCP employees trying to usurp control over OCP. She was a primary rival of Damian Lowe.

While serving as Head of Security Concepts, Cable would reintroduce the RoboCop Program and would work toward finding a suitable candidate for the position. She introduced the Zero Fatalities Law in Delta City, secretly outfitted the criminal Bone Machine, and assigned her former husband as Security Commander in Delta City. When John Cable discovered her part in supplying Bone Machine, Cable had RoboCop reprogrammed to hunt Cable and kill him. Once Cable was captured she oversaw his creation into Crime Prevention Unit 002, and ordered the capture and deactivation of the original.

After the mysterious deaths of the entire board of OCP, Cable was named Vice President under Damian Lowe. She supervised the hunting of not only RoboCop but also RoboCable after he'd gone rogue. She would later be taken captive by RoboCable and former OCP employee David Kaydick while they attempted to upload the Legion virus into Lowe's S.A.I.N.T.. She managed to escape from OCP Headquarters; however, Lowe was killed in the process. By virtue of her position, Cable was named Chairman.

Due to the damage caused by the deactivation of S.A.I.N.T., which controlled all of Delta City, and the impact that it had on Delta City; multiple lawsuits were brought against OCP and Cable herself.