Sisters in Crime is the sixteenth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


The Chairman of OCP is kidnapped and forced to do housework! Meanwhile, OCP Board member Harold Hammer is plotting a corporate coup d'etat, while co-conspirator Chip Chayken secretly plots with fellow ex- OCP exec Rochelle Carney to steal half of OCP's stock before anyone knows what hit them.

W.O.M.B. (Women for the Overthrow of Male Bondage) is a pro-feminist activist group, protesting "unfair" labor practices at OCP. RoboCop arrests two of them for defacing police property—him! But there's more to it than meets the eye; the Radical Femmes (a splinter group) have conspired with Rochelle Carney (who is secretly in league with Chip Chayken) to kidnap the Chairman and force him to miss a meeting with Board of Directors. If he doesn't show up, his stock will be proxied among the other board members, and co-conspirator Harold Hammer will take over as Chairman. Before that happens, however, Chayken and Carney are going to loot OCP's assets for all they're worth, leaving Hammer in charge of a nearly-bankrupt OCP—and the Radical Femmes to take the fall.

Chip Chayken manages to bluff his way into a meeting with the Chairman—disguised as a woman!--with two members of the Radical Femmes at his side. They force the Chairman to wear women's clothing, then sneak him out of the building. Chaken then uploads a virus into MetroNet, especially designed to take out Diana without crashing NeuroBrain or MetroNet.

RoboCop discovers this when he reviews security camera footage, detailing Chayken's illegal actions. Robo uploads his anti-virus program and frees Diana. She traces Chayken's vid-phone calls to Harold Hammer's estate. Hammer initially denies everything, but finally admits that Chayken is on the premises.

Chip and Rochelle try to run over RoboCop, and it looks like they did—but Robo is hanging onto the roof of their car. Using his Auto 9 to take out the engine, Robo orders them to surrender. Chaken pulls a gun and uses Ms. Carney as a human shield. Diana then steps in, broadcasting her voice over the P.A. system, and using the street lights to project electric shocks, eventually rendering Chayken unconscious.