Starkweather was an Officer of the Detroit Police Department who served at the Metro West precinct.


During Frank Frederickson's treatment at the hospital, Starkweather kept up-to-date on his condition. However, Frederickson soon expired and Sergeant Warren Reed came to get his equipment and to dissuade the officers from going on strike.

Months later in the precinct's shooting range, he witnessed a display of cyborg police officer RoboCop's marksmanship.

Later, Starkweather, along with Kaplan and Manson, debated with Reed over going on strike. RoboCop then entered, bringing in cop killer Clarence Boddicker to be booked.

Starkweather later refused orders to destroy RoboCop, which were given by SWAT Lieutenant Hedgecock, who in turn was taking orders from Dick Jones. This event finally sparked a strike by the Metro West officers.