Officer Starkweather of the Detroit Police Department is first seen near the beginning of the first film. In the police station lobby, he is listening to Warren Reed with Kaplan who was telling him about their strike. He later refuses orders to destroy RoboCop as part of Lt. Hedgecock's team, which is covertly acting under Dick Jones's orders. He betrays Kaplan and the others before alerting Officer Anne Lewis to Hedgecock's betrayal. He later discovered it was Dick Jones who ordered him to destroy RoboCop. The character is not present in RoboCop 2.

Starkweather survived Lt. Hedgecock's treachery and is again seen in RoboCop 3 in a restaurant with Officers Lewis, Kaplan, Jerry, Donnelly and Jensen. He was later devastated over the death of Officer Lewis who was killed by Paul McDaggett, the leader of the Rehab forces. On moral grounds, he, Reed and the other officers refused to follow the Rehabs in forcibly evacuating citizens' homes. Instead, they chose to help the rebels to defeat the Rehabs.

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