"Come quietly or there will be... trouble."
- RoboCop offers everyone in the drug factory the chance to surrender.
"Oh, fuck you!"
- Steve's response to said offer.

Character OverviewEdit

Why don't you let us take over from here, Emil?Edit

Presumably of Vietnamese descent, Steve Minh is more quiet and reserved than the other gang members. But do not mistake his silence for anything other than cold calculation. His reactions are lightening fast and his resolve is as strong as any other in the group. He has a fairly non-eventful introduction (for a shotgun-wielding criminal racing down the road in a van full of stolen money whilst trading shots with police) during the shootout along Industrial Way, especially since louder, more boisterous characters like Clarence and Joe Cox grab most of the attention.

He is more clearly introduced when he and Leon rescue Emil from Officer Murphy's clutches. Steve then joins the rest of the gang in shotgunning Murphy to a mangled pulp.

Blow this cocksucker's head off!Edit

He is next shown with Joe and Clarence in Sal's drug factory, his shotgun slung over his arm, where Clarence strong-arms Sal into business with him. Sal does not appreciate being leaned on and instructs his men to open fire, but Steve instantly spins his shotgun around on his shoulder and and levels it in Sal's face. After Sal backs down, RoboCop arrives and begins to smash down the door to the factory. Steve takes up position on some stairs and rebuffs RoboCop's attempt to take control of the situation, cocking his shotgun and firing the first shot... which misses wildly. As RoboCop starts shooting his way into the factory, he turns his sights on Steve, catching him a fatal burst in the chest, making him the first of Murphy's killers to die. In his convulsive final moments, he catches Joe a shiner in the face with his shotgun, knocking his comrade off the ladder and into some boxes, probably saving Joe's life.

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