The Terminator is a science fiction media franchise concerning a future war between a human resistance against an AI called Skynet, controlling armies of machines and cyborgs/androids called Terminators. The series heavily involves time travel, where such Terminators travel back to the present era in order to prevent the future formation of the human resistance. The T-800 is the protagonist of the series.

Around 1990 a crossover was made whose premise was RoboCop somehow battling Skynet and its Terminators. The premise has seen in several media under the title RoboCop vs. Terminator.


The continuity of RoboCop is not clearly defined, but the RoboCop/Terminator crossover suggests that the "Judgment Day" and the era of the Terminators is set after the futuristic era of RoboCop, which in turn is set after the present era.

Some of the media involves RoboCop fighting Terminators who came from the future. It also involves RoboCop being the human mind that enabled Skynet to become a self-aware AI. RoboCop is also presented as a future character who fights against the Skynet-controlled future, or travels into the past.

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