Terminator vs. RoboCop (also known as T vs. R) is a trilogy of films made by fan Antonio Maria Da Silva (owner of the AMDSFILMS group). It used a unique mash-up technology, and was considered to be one of the best series to be released at YouTube. Another mash-up movie is also released in YouTube, and it's known as Knights of the Machines.


Episode 1: The War Begins

The movie starts with a Terminator destroying a police convoy with a minigun. One of the cars contained RoboCop, and he started to battle the Terminator. The two fought until a Predator (from the Predator film series) goes "trouble-making", activating its self-destruct device that burns the Terminator's living tissue, but not damaging RoboCop. RoboCop used his laser cannon that destroyed the Terminator. A bonus scene is featured in some videos of this movie. It shows RoboCop having visions of the war. He saw T-850s charging, but also countless of his clones...

Episode 2: The Chase

Skynet sends several T-800 to destroy the OCP facility and RoboCop, as OCP will mass-produce RoboCop -- making him a destructive enemy. They were also programmed to self-destruct to prevent OCP from using them to create new robots. The Terminators arrived in the facility, attacking RoboCop. However, an ED-209 came, destroying some of the Terminators, allowing RoboCop to escape. He would later take over a criminal's car, using it to pursue the remaining Terminators. The Terminators were destroyed, and one of them self-destructs.

Episode 3: The War of the Machines

This movie is split into two parts.


The year is 2028. Skynet launched a second nuclear attack on the humans, and the Resistance was formed. Their only hope was OCP and their products -- RoboCop, ED-209, and the ED-509, a larger version of the ED-209. The T-800s and the Hunter-Killers charged on a city, where RoboCops, ED-209s, and ED-509s are attacking them, but was overrun. Murphy (the real RoboCop), infiltrates Skynet's facility where several T-888s caught him off guard, with a T-1000 ambushing him.

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