After the attack on the precinct, the cops are at a little less than half strength and the criminals of Detroit go on a rampage. With his humanity winning over his programming in Mind Bomb, RoboCop is now in total control of himself without directives dictating his actions. His free will restored, RoboCop strives to be a regular cop again without the use of his robotic aids. He fears his program he spent so long fighting could take him back over if utilized to help and would risk further loss of humanity. In the meantime, news reaches RoboCop that his wife and son have been kidnapped which he suspects OCP is behind for his recent separation from them. A number of copy cat crimes become a possible lead for RoboCop to find his family, but turns out to be unrelated; rich men competing for publicity out of boredom, reenacting murders by Detroit’s most notorious serial killers. During the case, RoboCop decides the only way to help his family is by coinciding with his programming once more despite the personal consequences.

Supporting CharactersEdit

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