Tin Man is the fifteenth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


Murphy's old partner has been transformed into a zombie (of sorts) under the control of a ruthless OCP executive. When Murphy was a rookie, his partner, Philip Malloy, used excessive force on a suspect. Murphy testified against him in court, and Malloy went to prison. While he was in prison, Malloy became the subject of an OCP experiment to separate his emotions from his consciousness. The former warden of the prison where Malloy was kept is now an OCP executive, hoping to use Malloy to further his own career.

Malloy is outfitted with the latest body armor and small-arms from OCP Security Concepts, transforming him into "The Vigilante", who goes after crooks without regard for due process. Unfortunately, the scheme backfires when RoboCop discovers who the "Vigilante" is, while the crooks he was supposed to fight team up to form one huge illegal gambling syndicate.

RoboCop eventually catches up to the crooks, and defeats them in a huge firefight. In the process, he helps Malloy recover his memories and personality. Malloy is supposedly killed when an explosion blows him through a wall and into a nearby river. Madigan calls for search-and-rescue, but it seems that Malloy is nowhere to be found.

OCP has developed a "Commander Cash" scratch-and-win lottery ticket with a huge jackpot. It only costs a dollar to play, but the odds of winning are (of course) astronomical. Also, the U.S. Treasury has issued a Ronald Reagan $1 coin, a.k.a. the "Ronnie". The DPD gets a lot of memos from OCP. Sgt. Parks never reads them—he just initials them. This comes back to haunt him when his initials allow a coin-op "Commander Cash" Lottery kiosk to be installed in the precinct. Gadget steals Ronnies from everyone so she can play, hoping to win the jackpot so she can buy the Sarge a boat