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Trouble in Delta City is the third episode of RoboCop: The Series.


A new miracle diet drug has been rushed to market by OCP called No Gain. Within a week after the initial introduction, Delta City is rocked by a wave of violent crime. An OCP employee named Kevin Frosh suspects that there may be a connection between the two and uncovers a plot to throw Delta City into a state of chaos. Once he attempts to get the product recalled, Frosh becomes the target of the psychopaths who are out to take their revenge on OCP and the city.

Detective Lisa Madigan has succumbed to the apparent behavior-altering effects of No Gain and is arrested by RoboCop for taking a car from the police impound lot. Both RoboCop and Gadget investigate their own leads to try and clear their friend's name. Gadget observes Frosh obtaining records from the computers at Metro South and hacks his files to find the evidence that No Gain is responsible for the rash of crime. She then goes to Lisa to tell her it wasn't really her fault. RoboCop breaks up a fight in the aisles of a drug store and discovers it was all over the last pack of No Gain.

RoboCop and Lisa Madigan end up meeting at the No Gain distribution facility to showdown with the man responsible.