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Directive 4 was embedded into Robocop's programming as Dick Jones' "own little contribution" to the Robocop project. Directive 4 disables Robocop and initiates an automated shutdown if an attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP is made. Directive 4 appears as classified to Robocop through most of the first film; however, it is revealed towards the ending of the film, the true purpose of the obscure directive when Robocop attempts to arrest Vice President of OCP, Dick Jones, for the murder of Bob Morton. This in turn activates Directive 4. Strangely enough, Robocop is able to avoid being shutdown and escapes ED-209 and is later fully operational. At the end of RoboCop, The Old Man fires Dick Jones, allowing Robocop to take action against Jones' orders resulting in Jones' death. Lt. Hedgecock is then replaced by Whitakker who then suspends most of the SWAT for following Jones' orders. However, the 4th Directive was not resolved in this film as Robocop still retains this directive and must continue to abide by it.

In RoboCop 2, his first three directives are listed, and Directive 4 is not among them. After Robocop electrocutes himself to rid himself of hundreds of new directives OCP gives him, he is left with none. Again, in Robocop 3, this directive is not classified, but listed as "Never Oppose an OCP Officer." Later it is deleted from his system.

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