First off, I just wanna give a huge thanks out to User:Grunny for giving me administrative and bureaucratic rights to the RoboCop Wiki. I mean, seriously, this really means a lot. I've been visiting this site on and off for the past year and never saw it go anywhere, so I recently decided to take it upon myself to get this place active and updated as best as I can.

I'm currently trying to find my way on how to work around the administrative panels - this is my first time managing a wiki, and I've only gotten into editing for about a month-ish? So forgive me if I do something subliminally stupid...(n00b alert). So, if you don't see me editing for a while, it's not that I haven't left or anything, it's just that I got lost somewhere in the admin panel. With that said, kindly send a search team if I go missing for over 48 hours, lol. =P

In case you haven't noticed, I changed the theme. Just slightly. There's still more work to do but I guess that's the fun in it. I plan on changing the background and I have a certain image in mind (but I'll keep it secret for now), but I just wonder if permission is necessary... guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Well, that's it for now, curious reader. And off I go to see what I can do to spruce up this place a bit....

You must really be that bored if you're still reading this, huh?

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