Power PlayEdit

To help further reduce the rate of crime through concerned citizen participation, OCP broadcasts a new reality TV show called the Detroit Vigilante. Taking from this super hero’s example, people take to the streets as vigilantes against crime which the police force react with nothing less than frustration.

After several arrests for acts of vigilantism, RoboCop confronts the Detroit Vigilante about his responsibility as a TV persona but to no avail. A subplot involves a man whose son is taken from him by gang violence and becomes one of the vigilantes he argued were more helpful than the police force.

Rough JusticeEdit

The father who become a vigilante in Power Play now seeks out the gang who murdered his son. While RoboCop deals with this particular quest for vengeance, some are taking advantage of the vigilante scene for more criminal purposes. Two particular crooks posing as heroes to commit crimes come face to face with the Detroit Vigilante himself which escalates into an all out war involving every vigilante in the city. It all comes to a head when the father’s personal vendetta with the gangs collides with the vigilante war, ending with an explosion that kills everyone but RoboCop.

Supporting CharactersEdit

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