War MongerEdit

OCP is presented with the chance to finally test RoboCop in a war scenario. The Spanish military is at war with North Africa and pays for the services of RoboCop to assassinate their enemy’s leader, General Abu Dara aka the Desert Hawk. Dropped into Algeria with heavy artillery, RoboCop makes his way across the desert fighting robotic tentacles and motor cycle troops without his prime directives holding him back.

War CrimesEdit

RoboCop reaches the Desert Hawk but is persuaded to see his side of the war as a leader trying to save his people from famine. Convinced of Desert Hawk’s noble intentions, RoboCop leaves to intercept an advancing Spanish military force on Desert Hawk’s fortress. After a brief battle with this small army and an unexpected ED-209 unit also being tested for warfare, RoboCop contacts the Old Man via Satellite Uplink.

The war started because Desert Hawk was sending his people to Spain to survive the famine they were experiencing. RoboCop shares how Desert Hawk had found a viable means of underground irrigation that would save his people but would take time to be fully realized. Impressed with the promise of this technology, the Old Man buys the end of the war by supporting Desert Hawk’s people in return for half the shares in his novel irrigation system, hydroponics.

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