"Forget it kid. This guy's a serious asshole."
- Reed sums up Bob Morton with a decent degree of accuracy.

Sergeant Warren Reed is the desk sergeant at the Metro West Precinct. He appeared in all three of the RoboCop movies played by Robert DoQui.

Metro WestEdit

Swamped with problems, overworked and a man who does things by the book, Reed's dedication to duty is legend. To him, a police officer is not merely doing a job - they're a vital staple of society, the face of civilized society, representing the people, the restraint and the triumph of law over lawlessness. To say this takes precedence over his officer's well-being is not fair, Reed has a hard time accepting their lack of funding and mismanagement, but to him, a visible police force on the streets, and the individual officer's sense of duty to the citizens of old Detroit, is more vital to society than the actual effectiveness of those officers.

That said, Reed looks after his officers in whatever small way he can. It's just that, in the current environment, this usually means just arranging their funerals and informing their families. The entire situation's a huge and ugly mess, and Reed is the only one man enough to take on the job.

He was also against the execution attempt on RoboCop, led by Lt. Hedgecock. During the Police strike he orders Lewis to bring RoboCop in the steel mill and brings his gun and equipment to her due to Kaplan and the other's failure to stop Hedgecock. He soon finds out it was Dick Jones who ordered Hedgecock to lead the attempted execution of RoboCop.

Metro NorthEdit

After those events, Reed is transferred to Metro North.

He confronts Holzgang as he is removing RoboCop from the police station for reprogramming, telling him that he is a cop like everyone else, and he expects Robo to be walking again. Holzgang gave him a derisive response, telling that he is out of warranty.

Metro SouthEdit

RoboCop battle

Sergeant Reed in the battle with the OCP Mercenaries

He was devastated over the death of Officer Anne Lewis who was killed by McDaggett. He also helps the rebels fight against the rehabs lead by Paul McDaggett.


  • Warren Reed was originally meant to be killed off in RoboCop 2 instead of Anne Lewis; however, Frank Miller was forced to change the script thanks to executive meddling. In the comic book, Warren Reed was killed while Anne Lewis survived.

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