When Justice Fails is the tenth episode of RoboCop: The Series.


RoboCop is assigned to protect a corporate raider with lots of enemies. Can he reform her before it's too late?

OCP has developed the "SpaceTram", apparently the next generation of manned spacecraft. The astronauts, "a Catholic, a Protestant, a Musilm and a Jew", are outfitted in spacesuits similar to the Space Shuttle astronauts of the '90s. The SpaceTram is powered by Cryo-Fuel, which has been developed by Cryonautics Corp. The problem is, it's unstable; if the SpaceTram takes off with Cryo-Fuel in its' tanks, it'll explode about 10 hours after launch when the fuel decrystalizes.

Tori Tolan—the corporate raider in question—has taken over Cryonautics Corp. in order to make a quick profit. Her partner, J.J., is completely ruthless, even to the point of setting off a bomb near Tori in order to implicate an ex- Cryonautics employee. He then kills the guy and then lies about the guy perhaps having a gun—effectively. RoboCop's voice stress analyzer can't determine if he's lying or not.

Detective Madigan investigates Cryonautics Corp., but is discovered. J.J. knocks her out, then uses her gun to kill Lab Tech Marley (who was about to reveal everything), and wounds Merritt (who was arguing with Marley). J.J. takes Tori to the Cryonautics lab where he discovers the proof that Cryo-Fuel is unstable—a printout that Marley had hidden. RoboCop shows up and tries to arrest J.J. J.J. puts a gun to Tori's head and threatens to kill her if Robo doesn't put down his gun. Robo complies, and J.J. shoots a pipe full of some sub-zero material. The stuff freezes RoboCop, who experiences critical systems failures. Tori fights J.J. when he tries to hit Robo with a pipe, buying Robo enough time to un-freeze himself and beat up J.J.

J.J. tries to make a break for it, but slips on the ice created when he shot the pipe, sliding right into the sub-zero plume. He freezes to death within seconds, and his body crumbles into fragments. Robo makes an emergency call to the Chairman, and Tori convinces him to abort the launch. Tori returns Cryonautics to its' original owners and decides to leave the material world behind—joining a swami at a health spa.


This is the only episode have a death scene: J.J. was frozen to death and his body was smashed into fragments.