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Zone Five is the seventh episode of RoboCop: The Series.


OCP assigns police duties in Zone Five exclusively to the Community Action Patrol, a.k.a. the "C.A.P. Crew"—made up entirely of ex- cons!. RoboCop must expose their illegal activities before Jimmy Murphy is killed.

The C.A.P. Crew is established as an experiment by one of OCP's execs, and they initially save OCP 12.25% of what regular police would cost. Sgt. Parks strongly believes that the whole thing is a mistake, and is vindicated when Detective Madigan provides the crucial evidence, videotaping the Crew in the act of making and distributing "Fun", a deadly new designer drug. At almost the same time, Jimmy Murphy, who has joined the Crew, sees too much and is taken prisoner. Armed with this evidence and motivation, RoboCop busts the Crew and saves Jimmy...again